Menu At A Glance


April Lunch Calendar

 Monday is PTL Day PTL Lunches are $3.50. Chicken Caesar Salad, PB&J and Turkey Box Lunches are available along with ala carte Fruit,Ice Cream Cups & Ice Cream Bars.

 Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday we offer a Hot Lunch at $4.25, a Healthy Choice Lunch at $4.75, Chicken Caesar Salad at $4.25, Turkey or PB&J Box Lunches at $3.50. Ala carte items include Macaroni & Cheese, Fresh Fruit, Side Salad, 1% Chocolate Milk, Milk, Water, Apple Juice and Orange Juice.

 Friday is Pizza Day. Pizza is $1.50 per slice, Salad Bar is $3.00. Box Lunches and ala carte Fruit and beverages are available.


Tuesday 4/5

 Fried Frank-n-Cressent Roll, Potatoes AuGraten, Pudding, Apple Sauce

HC- Chicken Breast Quesadillas w/Soy Cheese, Brown Rice, Black Bean Salad, Fresh Fruit

Wednesday 4/6

Roast Pork w/ Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Chocolate Chip Cookie

HC- Chicken and Tuna Salad, Bed of Lettuce, Carrots and Celery, Yogurt, Fruit

Thursday 4/7

Maple Grilled Chicken, Sweet Glazed Carrots, Sweet Potato Fries, Fresh Fruit

HC- Chicken Salad on Deli Thin, Fresh Fruit, Sun Chips, Sugar Free Cookie

Friday 4/8

Pizza & Salad Bar

Monday 4/11

PTL Firehouse Subs and Ice Cream

Tuesday 4/12

Two All Beef Cheese Sliders, Fresh fruit, Tater Tots, Pudding

HC- Turk. Bacon, Soy Cheese Egg Beater Omelet, Home Fries, Fresh Fruit, Yogurt

Wednesday 4/13

Fried Chicken Drumsticks, French Fries, Garden Salad w/ Dressing, Peas and Carrots

HC- Chicken Breast Quesadillas w/Soy Cheese, Brown Rice, Black Bean Salad, Chocolate Chip Cookie

Thursday 4/14

Combo Sub, Fresh Fruit, Chips, Chicken Noodle Soup

HC- Roast Turkey on Whole Wheat Wrap, Sun Chips, Mandarin Oranges

Friday 4/15

Pizza & Salad Bar

Monday 4/18

PTL Pizza Hut and Ice Cream

Tuesday 4/19

Chicken Fingers, Tater Tots, Green Beans, Jell-o w/ Fruit

HC- Roast Chicken Leg, Red Skin Potatoes, Green Beans, Garden Salad w/ Dressing

Wednesday 4/20

Spaghetti w/ Meatballs, Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad, Brownie

HC- Organic Penne Primevera, Croustini, Garden Salad w/ Dressing, Sugar Free Cookie

Thursday 4/21

Backed Potato Bar

Friday 4/22-- Monday 4/25

No School

Tuesday 4/26

Pancakes w/ Syrup, Link Sausage, Home Fries, Fresh Fruit

HC- Egg Beater French Toast, Lite Syrup, Turkey Bacon, Fresh Fruit

Wednesday 4/27

All Beef Hot Dog, Macaroni & Cheese, Melon, Chocolate Chip Cookie

 HC- Fat Free Turkey Dog, Potato Sticks, Melon, Sugar Free Cookie

Thursday 4/28

Beef Stroganoff, Egg Noodles, Glazed Carrots, Fresh Fruit

HC- Baby Spinach Salad w/Turkey Bacon, Slivered Turkey, Tomato, Egg, Croutons, Dressing & Fresh Pineapple

Friday 4/30

Pizza & Salad Bar